What devices are supported by MiFILE?

MiFILE is accessed through the public internet by using a Web browser software application .  There are many popular Web browsers and MiFILE is intended to support all commonly-used, modern browsers*.

MiFILE will work with most popular devices, including personal computers (Windows, Apple, etc.), tablets and smartphones**.

*What is a “modern Web browser”

We say “modern Web browsers” because some older browsers work differently and are less secure, and do not work well with modern websites like MiFILE.  Because of the rapid changes in browser technology it is difficult to provide a definitive list of browsers and the working versions.  Your best bet is to test your browser by logging into the MiFILE site.  If everything looks good, then you’re probably fine.  If the site gives you an error message or the screens don’t look right, then you may want to consider downloading a new version of your Web browser, or installing an alternate Web browser, which are generally free.

**Can I use my Smartphone?

MiFILE will run on a Smartphone browser, but it is not optimized for this platform due to the limited screen size.  It is recommended that MiFILE be run from either a personal computer or a tablet computer.

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