What if I don’t have access to the Internet?

One of the goals of MiFILE is to improve access to justice for all citizens.  To use MiFILE you need to connect to the Internet using a supported device, so here are some options if you don’t have access.

  1. Most public libraries provide Internet access and a computer that can be used to connect to MiFILE (note: during signup you’ll need to be able to receive and respond to an e-mail).
  2. Most courts will accommodate filers in the court or clerk’s office or through other means.    For example, some courts provide public computers (kiosks) with scanning capabilities.  Each court provides different accommodations, so you should contact the court to ensure they can help you.
  3. The Michigan Legal Help organization is available to help people in many ways including self-help centers around the state.  Please visit their website at: https://michiganlegalhelp.org/ for further information.


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