SCAO Help on Reducing MiFILE Notifications

MiFILE Michigan's Statewide E-Filing Initiative

Improvements to Expect in Coming Months

The MiFILE team has received feedback regarding the number of emails generated during filing submission. We are working on a number of improvements to this process. The focus over the next few months is to:

  • Increase training regarding notification settings, including recommendations. See below message for details;
  • Improve defaults for new filers and clarification on notification setting descriptions;
  • Remove statuses and emails that appear to be repetitive;
  • Improve content in email notifications.

Adjusting Personal Settings

The system does generate an email for every status for each filing. However, as a filer, you have the ability to adjust your personal settings. As the graphics below depict, simply click on “Settings” under “Main Pages” in the navigation pane and expand the “Notification Settings” pane.

filer notification settings

Notification Settings Overview

The emails related to each notification setting are listed below. Each Email is based on a change to the status of the filing in MiFILE. We are working to clarify this on the site. In the meantime, here is some information that may be helpful to determine which emails you would like to receive. We recommend receiving emails for the last two options: 1) When a Filing is marked as “Filed” and 2) When a Filing is marked as “Rejected”.

Setting Emails (current)
When my documents are received by the Court In Progress – The filing was submitted to the Clerk for review. The Clerk will either accept or reject it.

Accepted- Accepted – The filing has been accepted for payment by the Clerk. (Work is underway to remove this option, as it is the same as paid).

When a Payment transaction occurs Paid –The selected payment account has been charged for the submitted filing, and a receipt is available.

Payment Declined – Payment failed.

When a Filing is marked as “Filed”



Case Created –The filing has been accepted by the Clerk, and a case number has been created.

Filed- Filed – The filing has been accepted by the Clerk.

When a Filing is marked as “Rejected”



Payment Declined – Payment failed.

Rejected – The filing has been rejected by the Clerk.

If you want to be notified via text message, your contact information must include a validated mobile phone number.

We appreciate your patience during the transition.

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