Wayne Circuit is now available for attorney signup – go live is 2/5/2018

For attorneys and staff that file into the largest court in Michigan, the Wayne (3rd) Circuit court, the MiFILE site is now available for you to setup your login and prepare for the February 5 switch to MiFILE for e-filing.

We strongly encourage all attorneys and legal staff with active cases to get their logins setup ahead of time and go through the training so that you’re ready to go on 2/5.

New filers should click here

You can login to MiFILE by clicking here.

What devices are supported by MiFILE?

MiFILE is accessed through the public internet by using a Web browser software application .  There are many popular Web browsers and MiFILE is intended to support all commonly-used, modern browsers*.

MiFILE will work with most popular devices, including personal computers (Windows, Apple, etc.), tablets and smartphones**.

*What is a “modern Web browser”

We say “modern Web browsers” because some older browsers work differently and are less secure, and do not work well with modern websites like MiFILE.  Because of the rapid changes in browser technology it is difficult to provide a definitive list of browsers and the working versions.  Your best bet is to test your browser by logging into the MiFILE site.  If everything looks good, then you’re probably fine.  If the site gives you an error message or the screens don’t look right, then you may want to consider downloading a new version of your Web browser, or installing an alternate Web browser, which are generally free.

**Can I use my Smartphone?

MiFILE will run on a Smartphone browser, but it is not optimized for this platform due to the limited screen size.  It is recommended that MiFILE be run from either a personal computer or a tablet computer.

Can I use the site without having an attorney?

Part of the advantage of e-filing, in general, is that it can provide greater access to courts to all people.  The courts can be confusing and intimidating for people without a legal background.  To help you, this blog provides some basic information.  More legal resources are available at the Michigan Legal Help website.

MiFILE is intended to be used by non-attorneys in one of the following situations:

  1. I’m filing on behalf of myself (in the legal world this is often referred to as “Pro Per” or “Pro Se”)
  2. I’m not an attorney, but I’m filing on behalf of an attorney.  These people often work for attorneys in a role of Legal Assistant or Paralegal.

“Pro Per” Filers

MiFILE was designed to be easy to use for all people.  Filers that wish to file on their own behalf are able to sign up for a MiFILE account using the standard sign-up procedures.  It’s free and all you’ll need is access to the internet and an e-mail address (note: when signing up MiFILE will require you to confirm your e-mail address by responding to an e-mail message, click here if you don’t have access to the internet).

During the signup process make sure you identify yourself as “Pro Per”, otherwise you’ll be required to enter an attorney bar number.  To make sure you’ve set this properly, go to the “Settings” area from the main page, and review the “My Information” area.

Using the MiFILE system is free and easy, and there is a lot of help on the site once you’ve logged in at: https://mifile.courts.michigan.gov/HelpLink.

You can also find resources for new filers by clicking here.

Filing on behalf of an attorney

MiFILE allows legal staff and other attorneys to file on behalf of an attorney and to share payment accounts.  To file on behalf of an attorney you must establish a “Connection” to that attorney (which requires acceptance by the attorney).  Once the connection is established the MiFILE system will allow you to identify the other Filer during the bundle creation/submission process (see the MiFILE help pages for more information).

What if I don’t have access to the Internet?

One of the goals of MiFILE is to improve access to justice for all citizens.  To use MiFILE you need to connect to the Internet using a supported device, so here are some options if you don’t have access.

  1. Most public libraries provide Internet access and a computer that can be used to connect to MiFILE (note: during signup you’ll need to be able to receive and respond to an e-mail).
  2. Most courts will accommodate filers in the court or clerk’s office or through other means.    For example, some courts provide public computers (kiosks) with scanning capabilities.  Each court provides different accommodations, so you should contact the court to ensure they can help you.
  3. The Michigan Legal Help organization is available to help people in many ways including self-help centers around the state.  Please visit their website at: https://michiganlegalhelp.org/ for further information.